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Tommy Dreamer

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"Booker T will lose!!"

--Tommy Dreamer is seen by the interview area with none other than Lena Yeda--

Lena-Ladies and Gentleman my guest at this time is the NO. 1 contender to the Hardcore title Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy-Thank you Lena.

Lena-Tommy, tonight you are scheduled to face Booker T. What are your thoughts about this?

Tommy-Well Lena, I am happy that I get to face the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time WCW champion.

Lena- That is alot of times as WCW champion but how many times was he WWE champion?

Tommy-He was the world heavyweight champion here in the WWE once and Booker T. remember this is not WCW this the WWE and this is the ECW brand. Tonight Booker you go up against the 3 time, 3 time, 3 time Hardcore champion. Booker I am going to show you the one thing that WCW never had and never will have I am going to show you extreme hardcore wrestling. I am going to break you in half and move on to my next opponent.

Lena-Thanks for that insight Tommy now moving on to the Hardcore championship this past sunday the hardcore title was merged with the extreme championship to become the hardcore championship and the title holder for that title is Molly Holly, which was stunning to see her win and Bobby Lashley be stripped of his title, but Bobby Lashley does get a rematch this sunday at virtual mirage to try to regain his title what are your thoughts about this?

Tommy-Lena, I was stunned when Bobby lost the match I couldn't believe it that Bobby had lost I mean everyone in the WWE was wanting Bobby to win because they know I am the NO 1 contender to that title and a title match of Bobby Lashley vs Tommy Dreamer for the hardcore title would be a riot to see and when Molly pinned him for the 1,2,3 it seemed as if the fans wish for that match had been diminished but then the card for next sunday was released on and to everyone's surprise there will be rematches for all of the unified titles so I have this to say Bobby I know you are listening and watching this please please win your match this sunday give the fans what they want hell give the fans what they deserve to see Lashley vs Dreamer for the hardcore title.

Lena-Tommy, any last words regarding your match tonight?

Tommy-Booker T, you better bring your A-game because I plan on hitting the Dreamer Driver then heading to the back to celebrate my win.

Lena-wow, powerful words coming from the innovator of violence.